Bicerin Turin

No one should leave Turin without tasting the famous “bicerin” seated in a fascinating ancient historical café in the old city center, where it is prepared with the original recipe (the process is a well-guarded secret) from the end of XVIII century.

Try by yourself and enjoy it at home too! Pour the cocoa with a very small amount of hot water into a rounded glass and stir until creamy, add an espresso, sprinkle with cinnamon and slowly fill with milk foam. Yum!



For a remarkable experience, we suggest to taste also “gianduiotti”, delicate pralines made out of a hazelnut cream and the “bicerin”, the local famous coffee drink, a double espresso refined with thick cocoa and a generous portion of whipped cream on top.

The origin of these pralines is curious: as a result of Napoleon blockade, the Piedmontese chocolate makers couldn’t get enough cocoa for their products, so they decided to use inexpensive hazelnuts to stretch out the cocoa, avoiding long transports and burdensome cargos.

The new mixture was made into pralines, which were given the name “gianduiotti”.

The origin of the name most likely dates back to 1866 Carnival, when an actor, dressed as Gianduja – the popular mask of Turin – had the idea of giving the pralines to the people.