Monaco The Rock

While the concept of Monaco may evoke images of towering skyscrapers in close proximity to one another on the glamorous shores of the Principality, the various quarters of Monaco vary enormously in architecture and atmosphere.

Amid the scattered rows of luxurious Monaco real estate and glorious yachts, the beauty of Monaco’s Old Town is a hidden jewel in the crown of the French Riviera and sits perched atop a hill between the ports.

The Old Town really is the heart of Monaco and offers a lot by way of entertaining attractions, from the Fort Antoine amphitheatre at the tip of the Rock to the Place de la Mairie, with the incredibly quaint Chapelle de la Miséricorde.


Not To Be Missed

Monaco Ville

1. Monaco Ville

Also known as "Le Rocher" or "The Rock", the old town is perched on one rocky outcrop in a dominating position, and best exemplifies the rich history of the settlement. Among the narrow streets of the fortress, royal palaces and museums seem to go back in time, far from the noise of the social life of the harbor area. To go up you can take the escalator or rest your legs and prepare for climb up the Rampe Majeure (Major Ramp) - built in the sixteenth century and made with red bricks - which, albeit a little steep, provides an incredible vista of the harbour and offers an immediate view of the Prince’s Palace.


Monaco Prince Palace

2. Palais Princier

The palace of the reigning Prince Albert gathers a crowd of tourists especially for the changing of the guard that takes place every day at 11.55 A.M. as well as the visit of the state apartments.

Monaco Oceanographic Museum

3. Musée Océanographique

The Oceanographic Museum was built in the early '900 in scenic location on the cliff peak. It houses an entire cay, 90 tanks with 450 Mediterranean species. Particularly striking the Whale Hall with skeletons and embryos of ancient cetaceans and marine exploration tools. This museum is very popular with children who can enjoy the Tactile Bath, where they can freely cherish the fish.

Japanese Garden

4. Jardin Japonais

The Japanese Garden is a little corner of paradise not to be missed for those who want to escape the trendy atmosphere of the city.

Credits: Luxury Travel Magazine and Provenza

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