Sicily has been fought over by everyone from the Greek to the Norman to the Spaniards and this is reflected in its fascinating art, architecture and food which are a melting pot of Arab, African and European influences.

One of the most magical cities in the world, Palermo, is finally re-emerging as one of Europe’s great capitals. The ‘old town’ is noisy, chaotic and life-enhancing, bursting with crumbling palazzos, churches and piazzas that are a joy to explore. Palermo perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Sicily: unpretentious, gritty and a natural beauty.

Elsewhere, the volcanic Aeolian Islands located just off the northern coast boast tiny isolated beaches accessible only by boat and active volcanoes that light up the night sky with showers of diamond-like embers comparable to the jewels that drip off the glamorous Milanese fashion crowd and Sicilian aristocrats who flock there in summer. Each island has a fiercely unique character, from the laidback charm of Salina to the fashionable jet set playground of Panarea.

Taormina is the most beautiful hill town in Sicily, perched high above the sea. If you doubt the Greek genius for siting a building in the landscape, go and enjoy the view from the Greek Theatre towards Etna. Despite the number of tourists, Taormina still possesses great charm.

When we help our clients explore Sicily, our aim is to ensure access to the most private and exclusive side of this complex and fascinating island. We try to achieve a mix between the island’s extraordinarily eclectic culture, natural beauty, sea, food and wine and its wonderfully elegant and grand private houses, gardens, palaces and treasures.

Sample tours

These itineraries are just samples of what we have already done for our guests.

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    A luxury journey in Sicily, focused on the best spots of the island: a comprehensive itinerary from Palermo to Taormina, exploring the main sites and hidden gems and delighting yourself with fine tastings of the awesome food specialties and lovely local wines.

    Enjoy Palermo, home to some of Italy's most fascinating cultural gems as the largest opera house in Italy; explore lively local markets and the old Arab quarter and enjoy a private guided visit to the stunning cathedral in Monreale.

    Have an emotional experience in the ancient Agrigento and Valley of the Temples, an outstanding collection of well-preserved Hellenistic ruins and early Christian sites, one of the most significant archaeological sites in all the Mediterranean.

    You will never forget the fascinating spots of Sicily in Noto, Modica and Ragusa: let be enchanted by the superb examples of Baroque architecture of these cities!

    Fall in love with Syracuse: take your time for pleasant stroll in the center of Ortigia island and among the Greek theater, the Roman amphitheater and the ancient cathedral. Enjoy free time in the marvelous Taormina, a historic clifftop town overlooking the sea, renowned as high-class destination in Sicily!

    Enchanting Sicily