Making our business environmentally friendly is more than just a buzz term.

To reduce our impact on the environment we are always aiming to find new ways to decrease the environmental footprint and implement a waste management strategy.

Our effort to lower the effect of our business on the environment comprises different challenges that cover every aspect of our field: our exploration of new products and technologies, and our role as an enabler for individuals and communities to learn about and improve the natural world around us.


Reduce consumption.Paperless: we are using since years a web software that shares travel itineraries online with our clients and agents, so there is no need to print it.
Energy-efficient: we purchase electricity from renewable sources, then we installed energy-saving light bulbs in all the office rooms and electrical timer sockets which cut off the power at a certain time.
Plastic-free: we opted for tap and filtered water instead of bottled plastic one.

Promote recycling. We separate waste collection since ever.
We collect paper, cans, bottles, newspaper and magazines, batteries, pizza boxes, printer cartridges, organics, …
A new step: we have started to buy some new office furniture and stationery made from recycled materials, such as our new eco-friendly wood pencils…

Protect nature.In our trip planning, we always involve local people respecting their lifestyles and traditions; as well as we include educational activities for children when they are with our guides
We installed the “ECOSIA” app on all our office computers: this search engine uses at least 80% of its profits to fund reforestation projects around the world.
We joined the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization “WWF - World Wildlife Fund”, supporting their tree planting project in the Amazon Forest.