We know all the shortcuts and fun little nooks that most will not get to experience when visiting Italy.

We love Italian food and for us it’s a pleasure to share our passion with you! This is the reason why we continuously move through Italy seeking out gastronomic gems to suggest and recommend to our guests: a huge variety of recipes and epicurean traditions.

Prior to departure, we always provide our guest a personalized gourmet guide, as part of their bespoke daily-program, that includes the less known restaurants and traditional “osterie” with the not to be missed dishes we tried and prefer, as well as the new or hidden gourmet shops where to find the most delightful and rare items, from a tasteful “pecorino di fossa” to a special aged “balsamic vinegar” of Modena.

We proudly give to our guest our suggestions about food artisans that only the locals know: from the small producer of the renowned “parmigiano” cheese in Emilia-Romagna, to the specialist in “lardo di Arnad”, a fatback meat produced only in a small area in Aosta valley, or to an artisanal fine chocolate producer, through the fabulous experience of the precious Alba White Truffle, the “white gold” hunting in the woods.

For who wants to have a complete culinary experience, we propose our private cooking classes across the Northern Italy: mamas, professional or starred chefs will guide our guests in exclusive gourmet paths, starting from herbs harvest in the garden or farmers market shopping to the preparation and serving of a complete traditional menu, within the walls of ancient castles or in modern professional kitchens. Up to you the choice!

For each of your destinations, we don’t forget to mention where to get the best espresso or gelato and where have the most delightful Gin Tonic!

Buon appetito!

Flavors of Italy

Are you thinking to come in Italy for a great golf experience or for a challenge with your friends? That’s really a good idea because Italy has plenty of awards winner courses, designed by the most renowned architects, immersed in stunning natural scenarios, from Montecarlo to Turin, from the Lakes District among the marvelous hills of Tuscany.

Imagine just to grab your bag, enjoy a cappuccino in the club house and tee up at hole 1 and few hours later you could be sitting at the 19th hole with a plate of home-made pasta and a glass of the best local wine: a once in a life time experience!

We will make all this much easier: our relationships with Italy’s premier golf clubs enable us to facilitate your wishes with your personal choice of courses and preferred tee-times. We are deeply aware of what it takes to make your holiday a truly great golfing experience!

For an extraordinary and new golf experience follow our suggestion and add some more days to your holiday, to enjoy a golfing itinerary designed for you. Try the emotion to play every day in a new European Tour golf course, staying in the most amazing hotels and resorts!

Golf addicts

If you are looking for a healthy refreshing break from work and daily routine, a wellness long weekend or a relaxing long-term holiday in a peaceful charming hotel, we will help you to choose the best location among our selected astonishing resorts and Spas.

Relax your body and your mind and enjoy a special grape-based beauty treatment as well as a draining mud, or simply relax having benefits with a massage or a body scrub with salt, honey and herbal essences in an awesome Salt Cave exclusively booked for you.

Let yourself be pampered by personalized therapies and healthy treatments in astounding high-class resorts on the lakes shores: whether it is just a couple of hours at the end of an intensive day or a whole healthful detox weekend, ask us for your exclusive private retreat!

And during fall season, complete your truffle-day autumnal experience with an awesome Truffle-based treatment: a special “cuddle” to regenerate the skin, thanks to the truffle properties.

Peace of mind

Certainly one of the reasons to choose Italy is for its past, its history and its millenarian traditions: you can breathe them everywhere and several masterpieces are waiting to be discovered by you!

Thanks to the special friendships we have built up over years, we can grant you a private exclusive and unique access to Italy’s most important museums, collections and art galleries after hours, when they are closed to visitors and crowd.

Imagine a lonely walking in the Kings Gallery of the Egyptian Museum in Turin or the enjoyable experience of a special visit to the Vasari’s Corridor in Florence with nobody in sight or the night access to Juliet’s courtyard in Verona, enjoying a glass of Prosecco or a dinner for two, while admiring the most famous and romantic balcony in the world…

Ask us and it will be a pleasure to organize your dreamed exclusive experience. There is not price for an inside extraordinary knowledge!

Behind closed doors

Thanks to our cyclic visits and tastings, we are always up-to-date about the best emerging wineries, with a special great attention to all the invisible details that transform an ordinary visit in an awesome experience!

But of course we are friends with some of the finest and famous winemakers in Italy, from the iconic wine’s name of Barolo producer in Langhe region to the big of Brunello di Montalcino and Super Tuscans, through the producers of the sparkling Franciacorta, known as the Italian Champagne, or Amarone of Veneto.

Whether it is your destination in Italy, we can arrange extraordinary private wine tastings and visits to the best wineries, many of which are often strictly closed to tourists, with the exceptional guide of the winemaker himself.

When possible, enjoy the harvest experience and take time to have lunch with the owner and his family, like an old friend in visit, living and feeling the renowned Italian hospitality: you will be delighted and surprised too by the homemade food quality, as well as by the wines!


Wine Lovers

If cars are your passion, Italy is the right destination, because is home to some of the most fascinating sports cars: take the chance to drive a superb Lamborghini or an old fashion convertible Alfa Romeo or test your driver skills on a track, driving a Ferrari!

To drive these dream cars really will be the perfect and best way to explore the picturesque curvy roads of Tuscany, Langhe region or Lakes District

Don’t care about the whole itinerary, car parking or your luggage: our staff will introduce you to the car and to the region and will follow you by their own vehicle, always available for any eventuality.

And remember that Italy is also home of the iconic Vespa and Ducati motorbikes: live the “dolce vita” on a two-wheels feeling like Marcello Mastroianni in a Fellini’s movie. Relax and enjoy it!

Passion for cars

Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places, sometimes unknown also for local people, that is really worth a visit!

At BESPOQE we always look for them, and it’s a pleasure to share our experiences with our guests: peaceful flowered Italian gardens on the shores of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, gorgeous villas enriched by magnificent statues and frescos in Veneto, medieval hidden hamlets and castles in Piedmont or Tuscany, or private art collections are just some examples of what Italy deserve to careful eyes!

Moreover, Italy is also rich in outstanding artisans in each region and we are privileged enough to be able to introduce you to some of them, although most work in their own laboratory.

With us you will have the chance to discover real masterpieces born from the delicate hands of these craftsmen, thanks to hours of intense work and absolute creativity. From the traditional carnival masks maker or glass blower in Venice, to artists who shape clay or paint ceramics in Tuscany, to a marble sculptor in Carrara or a mosaicist who still follows the ancient techniques in Ravenna: these are traditional abilities carefully kept since generations!

Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places and artisans, often known only by local people, that is really worth a visit!

Hidden Treasures

When you think about the Made in Italy, you cannot to not think to fashion and design! The most recognized fashion names are Italian: Armani, Valentino, Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni,… are just some of the famous brands in the world.

When you travel to Italy, take the chance to spend a whole day in Via Monte Napoleone or in Via della Spiga in Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals and home to some of the most renowned iconic brands as well as a wealth of independent boutiques, or in the stylish and chic village of Portofino, where you can walk among the stores of the top Italian designers.

Moreover, you cannot miss the luxurious sovereign city-state of Principality of Monaco, few distance from the Italian border - with the lively area of Montecarlo, without any doubt the jet-set capital of the French Riviera and of the international fashion brands.

If you are a shopping addicted, we can also provide you an expert amazing personal shopper for an intensive full-day experience in the largest outlet in Europe: she will guide you through more than 300 fashion shops!

But in addition to famous brands, you cannot miss tailor’s and dressmaker’s shops and atelier specialized in tailor-made shirts or lingerie: a wealth of impeccable garments designed for beauty lovers. Finally, if you desire an original Italian touch for your home, we can suggest addresses where find velvets, silks and brocades, rich tissues made also on your request. No worry for your luggage: everything will be shipped to your home.

Whether your destination is, be sure we will share with you our pick of the best addresses for shopping!

Understated Lifestyle

Did you choose to celebrate your wedding or your anniversary in Italy? At BESPOQE we have a special team of experts dedicated to organize everything in all the details. We ensure that your wedding day will be the unique and remarkable moment of your entire life, as it deserves to be.

You have just to tell us what are your wishes and we will do all is necessary in order that your special day could reflect your own personal taste, having benefit from our insider knowledge of what this captivating country has to offer. From marvelous locations as a tiny chapel in the middle of marvelous hills in Tuscany or an enchanting Italian garden of a private villa on the lake shores, to outstanding services on a beach in Portofino.

Be sure everything will be perfect: from all the details for the ceremony to your unforgettable honeymoon journey! Our experience and our contacts are devoted to you, by the supply of an old fashion convertible car or a Riva vintage speedboat to flowers, decoration and live music.

We will take care also of your special guests: our tour proposal or a new defined itinerary can be their chance to visit and experience some of the beautiful off-the-beaten-paths localities in Italy.