We love Italian food and for us it’s a pleasure to share our passion with you! This is the reason why we continuously move through Italy seeking out gastronomic gems to suggest and recommend to our guests: a huge variety of recipes and epicurean traditions.

Prior to departure, we always provide our guest a personalized gourmet guide, as part of their bespoke daily-program, that includes the less known restaurants and traditional “osterie” with the not to be missed dishes we tried and prefer, as well as the new or hidden gourmet shops where to find the most delightful and rare items, from a tasteful “pecorino di fossa” to a special aged “balsamic vinegar” of Modena.

We proudly give to our guest our suggestions about food artisans that only the locals know: from the small producer of the renowned “parmigiano” cheese in Emilia-Romagna, to the specialist in “lardo di Arnad”, a fatback meat produced only in a small area in Aosta valley, or to an artisanal fine chocolate producer, through the fabulous experience of the precious Alba White Truffle, the “white gold” hunting in the woods.

For who wants to have a complete culinary experience, we propose our private cooking classes across the Northern Italy: mamas, professional or starred chefs will guide our guests in exclusive gourmet paths, starting from herbs harvest in the garden or farmers market shopping to the preparation and serving of a complete traditional menu, within the walls of ancient castles or in modern professional kitchens. Up to you the choice!

For each of your destinations, we don’t forget to mention where to get the best espresso or gelato and where have the most delightful Gin Tonic!

Buon appetito!