Thanks to our cyclic visits and tastings, we are always up-to-date about the best emerging wineries, with a special great attention to all the invisible details that transform an ordinary visit in an awesome experience!

But of course we are friends with some of the finest and famous winemakers in Italy, from the iconic wine’s name of Barolo producer in Langhe region to the big of Brunello di Montalcino and Super Tuscans, through the producers of the sparkling Franciacorta, known as the Italian Champagne, or Amarone of Veneto.

Whether it is your destination in Italy, we can arrange extraordinary private wine tastings and visits to the best wineries, many of which are often strictly closed to tourists, with the exceptional guide of the winemaker himself.

When possible, enjoy the harvest experience and take time to have lunch with the owner and his family, like an old friend in visit, living and feeling the renowned Italian hospitality: you will be delighted and surprised too by the homemade food quality, as well as by the wines!