Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places, sometimes unknown also for local people, that is really worth a visit!

At BESPOQE we always look for them, and it’s a pleasure to share our experiences with our guests: peaceful flowered Italian gardens on the shores of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, gorgeous villas enriched by magnificent statues and frescos in Veneto, medieval hidden hamlets and castles in Piedmont or Tuscany, or private art collections are just some examples of what Italy deserve to careful eyes!

Moreover, Italy is also rich in outstanding artisans in each region and we are privileged enough to be able to introduce you to some of them, although most work in their own laboratory.

With us you will have the chance to discover real masterpieces born from the delicate hands of these craftsmen, thanks to hours of intense work and absolute creativity. From the traditional carnival masks maker or glass blower in Venice, to artists who shape clay or paint ceramics in Tuscany, to a marble sculptor in Carrara or a mosaicist who still follows the ancient techniques in Ravenna: these are traditional abilities carefully kept since generations!

Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places and artisans, often known only by local people, that is really worth a visit!

Sample tours

These itineraries are just samples of what we have already done for our guests.

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    Be enchanted by this fascinating holiday for discerning travelers who want to experience both the best of the marvelous and lovely Venice with its Venetian Lagoon and of Veneto, a region of outstanding history and arts, natural beauty and gastronomic excellent traditions.

    Follow your private guide in the discovery of some unforgettable hidden gems and enjoy high-class selected experiences as a private concert or a remarkable and pleasant private cruise to the main islands of the Lagoon or exclusive workshops with local artisans.

    Have a pleasant time visiting Verona and love its well-preserved medieval neighborhoods, Renaissance gardens and the roman Arena, home of concerts and classical operas during summer.

    You will certainly fall in love with one of the most exclusive resort in the world: a luxury hotel on Lake Garda, with gorgeous gardens and an amazing view on the lake. Enjoy a private lake cruise and a fabulous dinner on a luxury boat, experiencing and loving the fine starred cuisine.

    Venice and beyond

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    An exclusive holiday, immersed in the finest elegant Italian style of charming luxury hotels, comparing two regions famous for their food&wine traditions: a journey from Langhe to Tuscany through the fascinating Portofino.

    Be delighted by this extraordinary journey to discovering the superlative food & wine traditions, with extraordinary cooking classes and top wine tastings, visit to cheese farmhouses and olive oil mill, fine chocolate laboratory.

    Enjoy yourself in a fashion shopping day in the largest Italian mall looking for the most prestigious brands and have a relaxing full-day by the sea in the enchanting and lively Portofino; experience a private singular visit to a marble cave in Carrara, where Michelangelo used to select the marble blocks for his gorgeous sculptures.

    Fall in love definitely with the stunning art treasures and architectural masterpieces in the renowned worldwide art cities and be captivated by awe-inspiring landscapes as well as romantic medieval hamlets, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    A First Taste of Italy