Our guides in Venice help you get under the skin of the city and most importantly away from the crowds. She knows all the private workshops that are strictly closed to the public including those of the most famous producers of masks, gondolas and brocades.

For an unforgettable visit, let BESPOQE arrange a private visit to St Mark’s Basilica as dusk falls and the golden mosaics are softly illuminated. Or have dinner with your friends in a palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal after visiting some of the hidden gardens and privately owned palaces in the lagoon known only to the Venetians and to us.

But Venice is also surrounded by other great places: stretching from the western shore of Lake Garda, embracing the art cities of Verona and Vicenza and the foothills of the Dolomites, with a sprinkling of Palladian villas and Prosecco vines in between, the region remains remarkably, and blissfully, free of visitors.

Culturally rich, Verona is alive with superb restaurants and unique designers. We love it at any time of the year but especially in the summer when the opera is in full swing in the Arena, the Roman amphitheater.

Imagine to spent a day driving through the countryside of the Veneto region, having lunch with a villa's owner and walking through the world-famous Italian gardens of another Villa: what an unforgettable experience!

Sample tours

These itineraries are just samples of what we have already done for our guests.

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    A holiday expressly designed for wine lovers: a discovering of the the great Italian red wines, known and appreciated throughout the world, with private visits and tastings in the most interesting wineries.

    Enjoy this itinerary through Northern Italy, sampling the renowned Italian greatest red wines: Barolo and Barbaresco in the Langhe hills, a region famous worldwide for its aged red wines as well as for its great culinary tradition, the awesome Brunello of Montalcino and Chianti in the beautiful landscapes of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, known and loved by everyone, and Amarone, aged following ancient methods in Valpolicella.

    Love a sparkling stop in Franciacorta for a tasting of the extraordinary Italian champagne.

    Discover uncommon places and have unforgettable days with cooking experiences, visits to marvelous cities and walking tours in enchanting hamlets.

    Greatest Italian Red Wines

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    Be enchanted by this fascinating holiday for discerning travelers who want to experience both the best of the marvelous and lovely Venice with its Venetian Lagoon and of Veneto, a region of outstanding history and arts, natural beauty and gastronomic excellent traditions.

    Follow your private guide in the discovery of some unforgettable hidden gems and enjoy high-class selected experiences as a private concert or a remarkable and pleasant private cruise to the main islands of the Lagoon or exclusive workshops with local artisans.

    Have a pleasant time visiting Verona and love its well-preserved medieval neighborhoods, Renaissance gardens and the roman Arena, home of concerts and classical operas during summer.

    You will certainly fall in love with one of the most exclusive resort in the world: a luxury hotel on Lake Garda, with gorgeous gardens and an amazing view on the lake. Enjoy a private lake cruise and a fabulous dinner on a luxury boat, experiencing and loving the fine starred cuisine.

    Venice and beyond