Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places, sometimes unknown also for local people, that is really worth a visit!

At BESPOQE we always look for them, and it’s a pleasure to share our experiences with our guests: peaceful flowered Italian gardens on the shores of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, gorgeous villas enriched by magnificent statues and frescos in Veneto, medieval hidden hamlets and castles in Piedmont or Tuscany, or private art collections are just some examples of what Italy deserve to careful eyes!

Moreover, Italy is also rich in outstanding artisans in each region and we are privileged enough to be able to introduce you to some of them, although most work in their own laboratory.

With us you will have the chance to discover real masterpieces born from the delicate hands of these craftsmen, thanks to hours of intense work and absolute creativity. From the traditional carnival masks maker or glass blower in Venice, to artists who shape clay or paint ceramics in Tuscany, to a marble sculptor in Carrara or a mosaicist who still follows the ancient techniques in Ravenna: these are traditional abilities carefully kept since generations!

Italy has a huge heritage of lovely hidden places and artisans, often known only by local people, that is really worth a visit!