"Andar per bàcari" in Venice mean a deep immersion in the local tradition, as it is considered to be an important part of well-being to those of Venice.

The term “bàcaro” means "wine seller” in dialect, and it derives from the ancient Venetian dialectal expression “far bàcara”, that means to celebrate in the name of Bacchus.

Much more than a food&wine tasting, the “andar per bàcari” is a deep immersion in the Venetian culture and in local tradition.

It represents the way to stay together before lunch or dinner, eating tasteful local specialties paired with a glass of wine (called also “ombra de vin” - literally “shadow of wine” - due to the use of gondoliers to refresh themselves, drinking a glass of wine under the shadow of a bridge or of a palace) or a Spritz (white sparkling wine with Aperol soda).

During our tailored tours in Venice, we offer these experience to clients who want to immerse themselves in the most authentic spirit of the city: at sunset, a friendly Venetian guide will lead them along a private tour through the best addresses where to stop to taste specialties with locals. Not to be missed the delightful selection of fried fish with “polenta”, small meatballs with aubergines, or fried prawn!

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